Dashboard Visualization

  • Provides a snapshot overview of vital student information at the distric level, school level, and program level. Dashboard includes data graphics on School Attendance, Progam Attendance, Disciplinary Marks, Grade Level, Race, and Gender.

Student Dashboard

  • Allows you to view daily and aggregate data for each student. The student dashboard includes, student demographics information, guardian information, school attendance history, program/group attendance, program/group membership, course mark, disciplinary informaiotn, EOG/EOC scores, and notes.

File Sharing

  • Permits users to safely and securely send files without violating student rights.

Parent Consent

  • Enables users to send electronic consent forms that remain stored and connected to their students’ profile. This eliminates or reduces the use of paper forms, while keep historical copies on the student’s profile. The validation process ensures data intergrity and is FERPA compliant. The parent consent form can easily switch from English to Spanish.

Agency Management

  • Allows agencies to create and manage sites, programs, and groups that works for various hierarchial structures. The ability to add and assign students to the appropriate groups or programs and taking attendance is done easily.

Program Attendance

  • Agencies and Schools are able to take attendance for students at any level. Past attendance can be modified, updated and exported.

Reports and Data Exports

  • Student data tables can be exported, sorted, printed, and filtered. Has 28 standard reports with the option to create a customizable report builder tailored to your organization.